Global In-House Center (GIC)

Transforming Businesses

A Global In-house Center (GIC) is an entity established to carry out centralized work for the parent company from a country or region that allows it to capitalize on favorable labor and operational costs for specific capabilities offering greater operational control and intellectual property/process protection while also serving as an excellent Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity solution.

Our industry experience and strategic partnerships best enable Genfinity to be your in-country partner to work with you in not only identifying the best location, facility and talent, we go the extra mile and ensure your success by developing industry proven, standard operating procedures, management and quality oversight protocols and the required skills enhancement training required of your workforce. Every area is designed in conjunction with your operational team and customized specifically to your company’s operational framework.

The Philippines

The Philippines has continually ranked in the top destinations for IT-BPM, specifically voice related services to the world. The World Bank in 2013 labeled it the “Rising Tiger” in Asia given its macroeconomic stability. One of the largest contributors to the Philippines economy has been the growth of the IT-BPM sector.

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The GIC Model

As reported by Frost & Sullivan, from 2015 to 2022, the global GIC subsector is expected to record a CAGR of 10.1%. Progressive companies are implementing the GIC model as opposed to leveraging on the outsourcing sector for greater control and manageability of their global businesses.

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Operational Support

We provide Operational Oversight at an Executive level that works hand in hand with your onshore management team to assist in developing the absolute best standard operating procedures, management protocols and quality validation processes required to start your Philippine Operations right.

Management as a service is a unique Genfinity offering where we provide experienced management personnel from Site Director to Supervisor on a term basis to get your operation running as soon as possible and allow you time to cultivate leadership within your team as you build towards the future.

Legal Services

Genfinity’s experienced legal team provides complete solutions to every aspect of operating in the Philippines. From incorporation (SEC filing, defining corporate structure, filing articles of incorporation) to local municipality requirements (mayor’s, business, occupancy permits) we ensure complete compliance.

The Philippines offers significant incentives to encourage business growth. PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) and the BOI (Board of Investments) provide different options and we will guide you to selecting the right option to suit your business needs.

Local labor law requirements differ from country to country  and we ensure your employee manual, HR policies and procedures meet all requirements.