Pressures on the healthcare workforce require Global Solutions. 



What’s the difference and what is best for you?​

Global In-house Center (GIC) an entity incorporated offshore to carry out centralized work for the parent company from a country or region that allows it to capitalize on favorable labor and operational costs for specific capabilities offering greater operational control and intellectual property/process protection.​

Employer of Record (EOR) employs personnel on your behalf, typically in a foreign country, by managing payroll, local human resources and benefits while assuming responsibility for compliance with local labor laws and regulations. Typically, these employees operate under your operational governance with the EOR maintaining a “hands-off” approach to operational metrics (SLAs, KPI’s, etc.) and/or procedures unless they conflict with local labor law restrictions. ​

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a model that subcontracts specific service to a 3rd party vendor with contracted SLAs. The employees report under the vendors operational framework and control with involvement from the client focused primarily on SLA adherence.​

Determining which model works best for you needs to factor in the size and scalability need of your operation, dependence on operational control and long-term plans in accessing a global workforce.​

Genfinity’s provides all three models, and our industry experience and strategic partnerships best enable us to be your in-country, healthcare service support partner.​


At Genfinity, we understand how busy you are and finding the time to implement a model that will allow you to capitalize on the benefits of accessing the global talent pool can be challenging. How to secure office space, identify and vet talent, administer payroll, secure a business license, avail of tax incentives? This is just a small sampling of the areas that need to be systematically addressed. ​

Partnership with Genfinity allows you to focus on the core operational deliverables of your new ready and willing workforce while our multi-disciplined, professional consultants handle the required ancillary intricacies of offshore operations.

With 20+ years of operating in the Philippines, we have addressed all aspects of implementation and ongoing operational excellence. In fact, we built a business around our experience, including the creation of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for all aspects of each process to smooth, repeatable implementation every step of the way.​

At Genfinity, we strive to Enable Excellence in every aspect of our service offerings​.

Do you have a specific need or question not referenced on our website? Please Contact Us today, one of our highly trained, experienced professionals will provide a free of charge consultation to determine the most effective way to address your challenges.​

Our Services


Experience has taught us that a company’s greatest assets are its people, culture and reputation. At Genfinity our industry proven training protocols and processes augment the Filipino’s inherently friendly, caring and dedicated nature, best preparing them to integrate into your unique company culture, exceed operational expectations quicker, and most importantly ensure that your hard-earned reputation stays intact.


Genfinity’s experienced legal team provides complete solutions to every aspect of operating in the Philippines. From incorporation (SEC filing, defining corporate structure, filing articles of incorporation) to local municipality requirements (mayor’s, business, occupancy permits) we ensure complete compliance.

Operational Support

We provide Operational Oversight at an Executive level that works hand in hand with your onshore management team to assist in developing the absolute best standard operating
procedures, management protocols and quality validation processes required to start your Philippine Operations right.

Human Resources

Human Resource policies and procedures are a significant part of what makes your company unique. Genfinity understands that and we work closely with your HR department to align your HR Policy procedures to ensure they conform with Philippine labor law requirements without diminishing your culture.​

Timekeeping, payroll and local government required contributions are managed by our HR support team and all communications to your employees are vetted by (if not delivered by) you to avoid any potential misrepresentation​.


Our Finance department can provide local AP functions as well as government incentive tracking and reporting requirements. Separately our accounting team will work closely with your accountants to identify, and properly vet local bookkeeping providers and 3rd party auditing firms to ensure that only qualified and reputable providers are presented to you. We recommend a 3rd party bookkeeper to avoid any potential conflicts of interest in the maintenance of your local record keeping.​

Office Administration

Too often the Office Admin is an overlooked, but critical to smooth daily operations service. Genfinity provides this As-A-Service. Aiding with purchasing support, office supplies, support for work from home employees, ID generation as well as building access badges and biometric setup, plus many other things that an office requires to properly function. These services are critical to maintaining a productive, organized work environment.​

Come work with us

At Genfinity, we believe that our employees are our most valuable resource. Our team is made up of talented and passionate individuals who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service to our clients.

The Philippines

The Philippines is the global market leader for customer experience and healthcare services. It is acknowledged as the world’s second largest services delivery location in the IT-BPM space, directly employing over 1.5 million highly skilled individuals, with expertise across a wide array of clinical, businesses and technological skills with world renown caring, customer focused sensibilities. Providing a sizable workforce available at significantly lower delivery costs. ​

Our Offices

Genfinity’s offices, located in Makati, the heart of the NCR (National Capital Region) providing safe, secure, and easy access. Our biometrically accessed facilities operate 24/7, with redundant power, multi-point internet connectivity and are designed to ensure the office environment is stylish, comfortable, and conducive to a productive work environment. Our relationships with multiple facilities providers and regional government offices enable us to easily enable and maintain office space anywhere within the archipelago. ​

About Us 

For over 20 years Genfinity’s leadership has been focused on enabling excellence in the Philippines unparalleled Allied Health educated workforce. Pioneering the way with Utilization Management and Utilization Review accreditations, transforming the Peer review process, providing Live nurse chat years ahead of the current telemedicine models. In fact, there are very few aspects of HIM industry support that we haven’t experienced. This combined with our years of leadership and or consultancy roles in local industry associations (HIMAPIBPAP) and close working relationship with government offices (DTICHEDBOI) best enable Genfinity to be your partner to work with you in not only identifying the correct offshoring model, best location, and excellence enabled talent, we go the extra mile and ensure your success by developing industry proven, standard operating procedures, management and quality oversight protocols and the required skills enhancement training required of your workforce. Every area is designed in conjunction with your operational team and customized specifically to your company’s operational framework.​

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Genfinity’s primary focus is on the Healthcare Support Services domain


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