Effective Date: 19 June 2021

  1. Policy

This Policy outlines the policy of Genfinity Philippines, Inc. (“GENFINITY” or “We”) in relation to the collection, use, processing, sharing, storing, and protection of your Personal Data. From time to time, we may update our Policy to reflect required changes or updates. When we do so, we will post the changes or updates in our website https://genfinity.net/ for your information and reference. If the changes or updates involve your Personal Data requiring your consent, we will obtain your consent prior to posting these changes or updates.

  1. Collection of Personal Data

We collect information from you when you apply for any job vacancy using our online recruitment platform.  The following are examples of personal data that GENFINITY may collect directly from you:

  1. Name;
  2. Age;
  3. Date of birth;
  4. Marital status;
  5. Contact details;
  6. Resume; and
  7. Other information associated with a resume for job applications.

You have the right to seek indemnity for damages sustained, if any, due to inaccurate, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, or unauthorized use of your Personal Data.

When you use our website and electronically communicate with us, depending on your settings and with your consent, we may use cookies, web beacons, small data text files or similar technologies to identify your device and record your preferences.

  1. Third Party

We may outsource or contract the access to, processing, and use of Personal Data to third parties, such as but not limited to, our subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, or third-party service providers. They may have access to Personal Data for a limited time under reasonable contractual and technical safeguards to limit their use of such information. We require them to protect Personal Data consistent with our Policy. For this purpose, your consent as affixed herein shall extend to the said third parties subject to the limitations as specified in the foregoing.

  1. Use of Personal Data

You continue to consent to our using your Personal Data as follows:

We use Personal Data to:

  1. Verify the applicant’s identity;
  2. Assess the applicant’s employability;
  3. Contact the applicant for further processing of the application;
  4. Verify the applicant’s professional qualifications;
  5. Detect and prevent fraudulent activity.
  6. Fulfill any other purpose for which you provide us Personal Data; and
  7. For any other purpose for which you give us authorization.

Only Personal Data necessary for the application will be obtained from you and processed to enable you to avail of the services of our website. We may use your Personal Data to the extent necessary to comply with the requirements of the law and legal process, such as a court order, to comply with a legal obligation, or to prevent imminent harm to public security, safety, or order. 

We commit to process your Personal Data fairly and lawfully, in a manner that will be transparent to you, to allow you the option to know the nature and extent of processing. We will seek your consent in case we will use or process your Personal Data for any purpose other than those listed under this Section, or if required by Law or our Policy.

  1. Protection of Personal Data

We respect your privacy. We take paramount care in protecting your Personal Data. As such, we secure and protect your Personal Data with proper safeguards to ensure confidentiality and privacy, prevent loss, theft, or use for unauthorized purposes, and comply with the requirements of the Law, specifically the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its implementing rules and related laws, circulars, and issuances.

We take reasonable and appropriate security measures that use a variety of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect Personal Data. For example, we protect and keep your information submitted through our website safe using a secured server behind a firewall, encryption, and other appropriate security controls. When you enter your information through our website, we encrypt that information using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the internet. We regularly review our information collection, storage, and processing practices, including physical security measures, to guard against unauthorized access to our system and unauthorized alteration, disclosure, or destruction of information we are in possession of.

We only permit your Personal Data to be accessed or processed by our authorized personnel who will have access to and hold such information under strict confidentiality. We restrict access to information to selected and qualified GENFINITY employees, contractors, and agents to process this information, who are subject to strict contractual and technical safeguards and are accountable to the law, if they fail to meet these obligations.

We only give you or your authorized representative access to your Personal Data. We do not sell your Personal Data to anyone for any purpose. We do not use nor share your Personal Data with content and/or information providers without your prior request and/or consent. Personal Data will only be disclosed to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Our Obligations Regarding Your Personal Data

You are responsible for providing accurate, complete and up-to-date information about yourself and any other person whose personal data you provide us and for updating this personal data as and when it becomes inaccurate, incomplete and out-of-date by contacting GENFINITY here

  1. Retention of Personal Data

We keep your Personal Data in our records so long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, or while it is needed by us for business or any legal purposes. Disposition of Personal Data shall be done in accordance with the law, in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access, or to ensure that disposed information is not accessible to the public.

Your Personal Data remains your property. We are not responsible for information, content, application, or service that we do not own or provide. We will take all measures to fight spam, fraud or any unauthorized messages that may attempt to or do traverse our network.

  1. Limitation of Access and Data Minimization

We will limit the access, collection, sharing, disclosure, and further use of your Personal Data to legitimate business purposes as outlined in this Policy or to otherwise meet legal obligations.

We will collect, access, and use only the Personal Data necessary to meet legitimate business purposes as outlined in this Policy.

  1. Security and Enforcement

Personal Data will be protected, using reasonable safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

All responsible persons will be accountable for ensuring that these principles are met. You have the right to lodge a complaint before the relevant government agencies, including the National Privacy Commission of the Philippines.

For inquiries regarding this Privacy Notice and the processing of your personal data, as well as any concerns or complaints regarding data privacy, or the exercise of your rights as a Data Subject under the Data Privacy Act, you may contact the Data Protection Office (DPO) of GENFINITY as follows:

The Data Privacy Officer

Email: dpo@genfinity.net

Address: 8F Armstrong Corporate Center, Salcedo Village, H.V. Dela Costa, Makati City, Philippines 1227

Tel: 892-59405